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I'm pleased to announce that in January of 2014 Tony C and I will be Memphis bound once again. Tony and I will be representing the state of CT at the IBC's (International Blues Challenge) as winners of the CT Blues Challenge solo/duo competition.
We had the pleasure of participating in the Challenge down in Memphis back in 2012, this time around our eyes are set on the finals to be held at the Orpheum Theatre on January 25th 2014!
Tony and I will be putting on a couple of benefits to help fund our trip south. I've gotten confirmation from an array of great talent who are gracious, willing and able enough to give of their time and hearts. Please refer to the calendar page for dates and venues.
While on the subject of Memphis, I'm also very pleased to announce that the Shaka & The SoulShakers band CD "Heard A Mighty Rumblin" has been chosen as the best Self produced CT blues disc of 2013 and will be up for an award in Memphis while Tony and I are there competing in the solo/duo bracket.
On sad note, we lost fellow SoulShaker Tim Murphy earlier in the year.
Tim had recently completed laying down the bass tracks with us for "Heard A Mighty Rumblin", needless to say our CD release party this past March was a bittersweet affair without Tim there by our side.
Tim's talents as a musician's musician and his rebel WITH a cause activism will surely be missed. Tim was true example of one who practiced what he preached! 












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